The Canines-N-Kids Foundation is committed to finding a cure to the devastating cancers that kids and man's best friend both develop.  

We fund the most promising, humane research and clinical trials to treat canine cancer patients, while answering critical questions that will accelerate a cure for children battling these same cancers.  

With your help we can make a difference.

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Biomedical research takes a long time… Way too long for patients anxiously waiting for treatments that can keep them alive or spare them agony. So, here is an idea. How about switching research’s typical drawn-out, excruciating timeline to dog years. Dog years?...So, it is no wonder that some scientists, frustrated with the irrelevance of many mouse experiments to human health, have started to take things into their hands. Some of them met last week at the initiative of the Canines-N-Kids Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to joining hands-and-paws in battling childhood cancers.

Dogs and kids develop many of the same cancers but efforts to find cures have not been widely coordinated…yet. Top cancer researchers and leaders in pediatric and veterinary medicine gathered for the first ever Paws for a Cure Summit, hosted by Canines-N-Kids Foundation—to discuss barriers and find solutions for enhancing collaborative efforts aimed at finding cures for cancers shared by kids and dogs.

There’s some good news coming out of Washington, DC this week for children and pets. I just returned from the Paws for a Cure meeting which was groundbreaking. Those of us working in the word of cancer know that dogs and kids develop many of the same cancers, but efforts to find a cure are not widely shared. We are now working to change that.

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