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CNK Events Around the Country

Canines-N-Kids Foundation events will be held around the country, and will be listed in the Calendar below, Also, through the power of an incredible community grassroots network, there endless opportunities to hold or attend an event in support of our mission to end canine and childhood cancer!   To see if there is an upcoming event in your area, or to learn about holding your own Team CNK event, please go to the Team CNK Upcoming Events link.

Canines-N-Kids "Paws for a Cure" Summit

The Canines-N-Kids Foundation's First Annual Conference: "Paws for a Cure" Summit will be held in Washington, DC from June 11-12, 2017. This Call to Action meeting, the first of its kind, will bring together veterinary and pediatric oncologists, translational researchers, industry, policymakers, patient advocacy groups and the media to review opportunities, challenges, new scientific advances and medical applications across the spectrum of cancers common to canines and children - leveraging comparative oncology. A "Blue Ribbon Panel" of experts will help to set priorities and direction for funding, research and action to advance better medicines and a cure for both of these vulnerable patient groups.

In time. this meeting will become a powerful review of the status quo, barometer of progress toward our goal to end canine and childhood cancer, and a call to action for the year ahead.

  • Sponsors: For Sponsorship Information, please email: events@caninesnkids.org 
  • Speakers: Please contact events@caninesnkids.org and provide a CV/resume.


June 2017

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