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Want to Keep the Kids Busy AND Do Some Good This Summer? Try Hosting a Socially-Distant “Barke Sale”

Summertime is heating up. Many camps and summer programs are not running, the pools are closed, and the kids are getting restless. Finding new and exciting things for young people to do can be a real challenge during a global pandemic. We want to keep our children safe, yet we don’t want them to while away their precious summer days infront of the Xbox or iPhone.

What if, instead, our kids could use their abundance of free time to do good for others?

Enter the Socially-Distant “Barke Sale” – a wonderful fundraiser for the Canines-N-Kids Foundation, that can be hosted outside, almost anywhere! The idea of a Barke Sale is similar to that of a lemonade stand, yet this sale uses the funds raised from the sale of baked goods and drinks toward supporting research of new medicines and potential cures for both pediatric and canine cancers – which develop similarly in both canines and kids. This is why the Canines-N-Kids Foundation exists: to help crush cancer at both ends of the leash!

While serving-up a table full of yummy baked goods and refreshing lemonade is a rite of summer for many American children during typical times - how can we help our kids go about this process safely during COVID-times?

First, interested participants should stop by the Canines-N-Kids website  to access a host of free Barke Sale resources. These include:

Printed information and video tutorials on what a Barke Sale is, and a step-by-step guide to hosting one successfully.

A registration page  where participants can register their sale and potentially purchase a  Barke Sale in a Box  for $20  that includes all printed materials needed for the sale.

A whole page devoted to helping participants “Get Ready for Barke Sale Success, ”including links to free printable posters, signage and other promotional materials

Once a prime location is staked-out and the preparations are made, what should your kids keep in mind when hosting their socially-distant Barke Sale?

“Mask-up” and wear gloves – Make sure all participants are safely covered with masks and disposable gloves, and have been healthy for more than 14 days. See the revised listing of COVID symptoms from the CDC here . If you choose to make lemonade, participants should wear masks and gloves as they pour the drinks, and place them on the table or push them to the patron on a tray, then step back to their original spot.

Provide hand sanitizer – Have a bottle of hand sanitizer on the table so that patrons can sanitize their hands before grabbing their goodies. Participants should also sanitize hands and change rubber globes regularly.

Bring your cleaning supplies – and use them frequently - Have Lysol wipes or other spray disinfectant handy to frequently wipe down the table, cooler etc. throughout the day.

Social Distance - Allow people to place their orders from six feet away, and mark the sidewalk accordingly with blue printer’s tape. Allow patrons to pay using an app or drop cash into a bucket.

Arrange “curbside pick-up’ – Consider positioning your table on a slower, neighborhood street, where patrons can pull-up and grab their treats without exiting their cars. 

Homemade is nice, but prepackaged is healthier - Consider offering cold buckets of canned or bottled sodas/waters and pre-packaged/store-bought single-serving baked goods. Homemade treats are fun during normal times, but not necessarily safe during a pandemic.

Offer “DIY” Lemonade – Along with your pre-packaged, single-serve treats, try offering “DIY Lemonade.” To do so, use pre-packaged single serve lemonade mixes and a bottle of water. Just package them together in a recyclable paper lunch sack (which your kids could decorate with pawprints on the outside J. ) Make a sign with your Venmo or PayPal account name, so that customers can pay seamlessly and without contact.

Consider a “Virtual Barke Sale”- Have your kids go through the process of baking treats and making lemonade, just as if they would be hosting a live Barke Sale in the neighborhood. Make sure to take lots of videos and photos. Then, post the photos to your social channels and ask for family and friends to donate via the personalized landing page we will prepare for you! 

Overall, make sure your crew abides by your individual state’s stay at home orders, and be sure to observe all safety precautions when packaging and providing to your customers. Have fun doing good together, and hopefully this Barke Sale will make for one memorable Corona-dventure with the kids!

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