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Host a (Socially Distant) BARKE SALE!


What on earth is a BARKE SALE™?

You can make a difference in putting an end to the devastating cancers children and our four-legged best friends both develop! By hosting your own BARKE SALE with treats for both people and pets, you are helping Canines-N-Kids Foundation raise awareness and funds for critical cancer research that can result in better medicines and a cure!

Anyone, anywhere, anytime can hold a BARKE SALE and make a difference.  

A BARKE SALE is easy!  One person (even a kid), school or volunteer group, or a company can hold an event, and we are here to help you make it a success! Please email us or call 703-835-4346 with questions as you plan and hold your event. 

A BARKE SALE is fun! You can use your imagination – bake up a storm, make posters and more, or keep it simple. Most of all, have fun and know that you are part of an effort to put an end to cancer for kids and our canine best friends.

Just follow the simple steps we’ve laid out below – you will find everything you need!


During this COVID-19 era, we want to encourage BARKE SALEs that are as safe and healthy as possible- both for BARKE SALErs as for patrons.

We've put together the SOCIALLY DISTANT BARKE SALE GUIDELINES and other resources to help make your event a safe success, while still being educational and fun while raising critical research funds and awareness about how dogs and children share many of the same cancers.


  • Let us know when and where you want to do your BARKE SALE and a little about why.  Your story will inspire others to want to participate and contribute!  When you are finished, Canines-N-Kids will send you a special link to your very own BARKE SALE™ Fundraising page!

    We will also send you your BARKE SALE supplies!

    Choose from a BARKE SALE Kit containing a STEP By STEP Guide, postcards and flyers, etc.! There are many resources also available for printing directly from our website to help you have an awesome BARKE SALE success!

    Alternatively, for $20 (to cover supplies and shipping), you can now order a complete turn-key BARKE SALE In a Box, which includes a poster, cookie cutter, recipes, stickers as well as a STEP By STEP Guide, postcards and flyers and everything you need.

    It is completely up to you which option you choose!

  • Once you have your date and location, it’s time let everyone know about your event. Email family, friends, neighbors, classmates or colleagues the link to your landing page to let them know! Post your event and the link on social media using the hashtag #BARKESALE Invite community or corporate sponsors to contribute or donate ! Make fliers or posters if you like! Tell everyone that your BARKE SALE™ is helping fight the cancers kids and our canine best friends BOTH develop, and contributing to funding lifesaving cancer research to find better medicines and a cure! Be sure to tag us @caninesnkids on Facebook & Instagram, and @CNKFoundation on Twitter! For additional advice, download our Social Media Tip Sheet (click on graphic to the left)

  • It's time gather the things you'll need for the big day, and to bake or acquire your awesome people and puppy treats! Click on the Checklist and we'll take you through the preparations, one step at a time! PLEASE NOTE COVID-19-related resources available to you!

  • STEP #4 -  Have Fun at your  BARKE SALE™!
    STEP #4 - Have Fun at your BARKE SALE™!

    Your table is set with goodies for people and pets, you've got everything ready! Remember to explain that you are “helping kids and man’s best friend beat cancer they both develop” and that proceeds are helping the Canines-N-Kids foundation “fund important cancer research that can help bring new medicines and a cure for BOTH kids and our canine best friends”. Let your passion about why you are doing this shine through! Take pictures, video and share with @cnkfoundation on social media! Most of all, HAVE FUN!

  • Congratulations! You did it! Because of your efforts, Canines-N-Kids Foundation will be able to advance research that can help kids and pet dogs beat cancers they both develop! Through your BARKE SALE you have made a difference and a contribution to a future where one day, there will be no more cancer!

    Please submit your donations within 14 days of your BARKE SALE to:

    Canines-N-Kids Foundation
    25050 Riding Plaza #130-120
    South Riding, VA 20152

    All donations from your event can be sent by check or money order, made payable to "Canines-N-Kids Foundation". PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH! Please click "Job Well Done" image to download Instructions for Submitting BARKE SALE Donations.


 BARKE SALE™ is a registered trademark of the Canines-N-Kids Foundation

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