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An investment in every step toward a cure.

We want to work with the best and brightest.

As Canines-N-Kids Foundation grows and is able to make more meaningful grants, we aim to announce funding cycles in a number of prospective areas.  We encourage you to check back often and/or inquire below, and we will reach out as we open various areas for funding. 

CNK Research Grants: (Year-long) research grants in comparative.oncology, translational research or clinical trials, or clinical trials addressing key questions in shared canine and pediatric cancers.

We will collaborate to find a cure.

Consortium Research Grants: Grants to support collaborative, multi-institutional projects aimed to solve key questions common to canine veterinary and childhood cancer.

CNK All-Star Grants:  Multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional team grants involving leading research hospitals and veterinary schools with teams comprised of pediatric and veterinary oncologists, immunologists, genomics experts and translational researchers.

We will invest in and accelerate cutting edge research.

Innovation Incubator Program: Through the CNK venture philanthropy program (under development), we will identify and invest in promising emerging biotech and biopharma programs in areas relevant to CNK's research priorities.

We will inspire the next generation of researchers.

CNK Advanced Study Fellowships:  In order to advance the field of comparative research, up and coming  researchers in veterinary and human medicine must be trained and equipped to more effectively work together, beginning with a more even educational foundation.  CNK aims to help bridge advanced learning needs for:

  • students finishing their DVM, and who want to go on to do a PhD in oncology;
  • residents who have finished a DVM and who want to go on to pursue a PhD or research fellowship year;
  • students finishing their DVM to pursue further studies in clinical science (e.g. Master of Clinical Science).

If you are interested in learning more about our grant programs, please fill out the form below:  We will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible.

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