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CNK's Vision & Values


The Canines-N-Kids Foundation is about raising awareness of the cancers kids and our beloved canines share in common, and closing the funding gap that has stood in the way of making meaningful progress.  We are about collaboration and breaking down barriers that stand in the way of a breakthrough in canine and pediatric cancer.  Our goal is to bring together the best and brightest in pediatric and veterinary oncology, and to work creatively and constructively with others who share in our mission to help canines and kids with cancer to beat their disease.

We are 100% focused on the four-legged and two legged patients we seek to help:  We work tirelessly every day with one urgent goal in mind: to accelerate breakthrough treatments for canine cancer patients that are humane, provide or improve quality of life, and ultimately benefit them in their battle against cancer. At the same time, we want to maximize the translational value of our work in canines for the benefit of pediatric cancer patients - to speed the onset of clinical trials that will ultimately help kids beat their cancer too. We strive to make progress in the following key areas, always with a patient focus:

  • Speeding transformative medical scientific research that will help us to understand more about the underlying fundamentals of the cancers kids and canines share and the translational potential of those discoveries;
  • Speeding canine clinical trials involving treatments that
    • ​can slow or stop the progression of canine cancer
    • that improve on canine patients’ quality of life and the devastating toxicities and longer-term effects of today’s treatments
  • Sharing data gathered to inform and accelerate pediatric clinical trials involving treatments that
    • can significantly slow or stop the progression of kids’ cancers
    • improve on pediatric patients’ quality of life and the devastating toxicities and longer-term effects of today’s treatments

We will chase it down and we won’t stop until a cure is found: We will operate with a sense of positive urgency to ensure the development of therapies that will help canines and kids who are diagnosed with cancer, not only to help them beat their disease, but to address recurrence and live a better life during and after treatment. We will not stop until we find a cure, and we will get there…together.

We will collaborate and break down barriers: We will engage and collaborate with the best and brightest minds from veterinary to pediatric medicine, translational research and genomics.  We will work with those in academia, the private sector, in government and with advocates for canine and pediatric cancer to break down the barriers and get the answers we need to fulfill our mission.

Our donor dollars will be spent on the most important, fundamentally transformative projects:  We will target and fund projects that have transformative potential in the field of comparative oncology and pediatric cancer research.


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