The Canines-N-Kids Foundation is working to put an end to the cancers children and our canine best friends BOTH develop - devastating cancers including bone and brain cancer, lymphoma and leukemia.


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CnK Advisory Board member Dr. Keila Torres is cancer surgeon at MD Anderson, and the mother of three Labrador retrievers and the author of the Sniffing for a Cure Blog and Guest Author of the CnK Blog this month, describing the devastating cancer our pets and kids share, and the efforts of the Paws for a Cure Symposium to help us Crush Cancer @ Both Ends of the Leash

At UC Davis, hundreds of dogs are participating in clinical trials of novel cancer treatments that certainly have application in animal medicine, but possibly in human medicine as well. Veterinary oncology is a field that extends animal research outside the vivarium deep into the public realm, with fascinating possibilities for human medicine.

Canines-N-Kids Foundation is hosting the Paws for a Cure Research Symposium this November at the Merck Research Laboratories in Boston. The Foundation hopes to examine challenges and progress in accelerating cancer drug development for cancers shared between children and dogs.


Canines-N-Kids Foundation is a recognized 501c3 public charity. Our Federal Tax ID is 81-2768684


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