The Canines-N-Kids Foundation is working to put an end to the cancers children and our canine best friends BOTH develop - devastating cancers including bone and brain cancer, lymphoma and leukemia.


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Medical researchers are posing an intriguing question, could man's best friend hold a key to curing cancer?

It's a growing trend in the field of medicine where doctors are looking to dogs in finding new treatments for cancer, as they have more in common with humans than one would think.

When the littlest patients battle cancer, more hospitals are now opening their doors to specially-trained dogs in the hopes a wagging tail, soft fur and playful paws can help kids in the way conventional drugs can’t.

But how effective is animal therapy in such cases? New research by American Humane and several children’s hospitals, believed to be the first and largest randomized controlled study on the subject, had some unexpected results.

In the thousands of years they’ve been domesticated, dogs have helped humans in many ways, from herding sheep and cattle to performing search and rescue duties after disasters. Now dogs have begun aiding us in what might be the most important way yet: finding new ways to fight cancer.


Canines-N-Kids Foundation is a recognized 501c3 public charity. Our Federal Tax ID is 81-2768684


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