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November 12-13, 2018


On September 29 and 30th, 2020 many of the world’s leading pediatric and veterinary cancer researchers, representatives from pharma and biotech, leading cancer and animal health foundations, and childhood and canine cancer patients gathered virtually for the second Paws for a Cure Research Symposium to share state-of-the-art science and what we know about cancers affecting both kids and pet dogs and to identify the most promising research and collaborations to accelerate progress for these most vulnerable patient groups.  

Through a partnership with science/medicine virtual event leader, Labroots, the 2020 Symposium was co-presented by the Canines-N-Kids Foundation and Merck Research Labs, topics and presentations centered on

Cutting Edge Content

  • Comparative Genomics, Immunology and Imaging
  • Cutting edge research in CAR-T cell immunotherapy, osteosarcoma, lymphoma, brain cancers and mor

In-Depth Discussion of Drug Development Challenges

A major focus of the Symposium is the challenges faced by drug developers (large and small), particularly in smaller populations including childhood cancers, and the potential for comparative oncology approaches as a means to address important questions like predictiveness, patient population size and cost mitigation in clinical trials.

Patient Centricity

  • Zucchi and Mary  - 2018 Canine & Childhood Cancer Warriors

    A highlight of the Symposium is its focus on patients. The Patient Perspective will be powerfully presented by speakers to include childhood cancer survivors as well as canine cancer patients.

Forging New Collaborations

  • Through networking and discussion participants in our 2020 Virtual Research Symposium will challenge themselves to think differently about the translational power of integrating canine patients into the drug development pipeline and a new commitment to work together to speed the development of new and better medicines our most vulnerable patients, two and four-legged

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