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Get Ready for a BARKE SALE Success!

IMPORTANT: DURING COVID-19, please review carefully our Socially Distant BARKE SALE Guidelines before moving forward, particularly with highlighted elements below!

1) Check out our BARKE SALE Success Step By Step Guide to get a sneek peek and ideas!

2) Look over Your BARKE SALE Kit or Box  (After you register, we’ll send you one of these options!)

In the free BARKE SALE Kit, you will receive

  • fliers and post cards about Canines-N-Kids Foundation,
  • A Step By Step Guide to BARKE SALE Success
  • a form and self-addressed envelope for returning your BARKE SALE proceeds to Canines-N-Kids Foundation after the event

The BARKE SALE in a Box ($20) includes all of the above, plus

  • a dog bone cookie cutter
  • recipes for treats for people and pups
  • stickers for bags of goodies
  • a poster and more

3) DOWNLOAD and/or print out  BARKE SALE materials, including:

* Feel free to make signs or posters about how your BARKE SALE is helping kids & dogs beat cancers they share!

IMPORTANT DURING COVD-19:  If proceeding with a PHYSICAL BARKE SALE, please review our SOCIALLY DISTANT BARKE SALE GUIDELINES and adjust the below in accordance!  Items highlighted in yellow should be adapted or reconsidered until the pandemic subsides!

4) Gather your basic BARKE SALE Necessities to have on hand

  • Table & Table Cloth (Red, yellow, or white are great colors)
  • Fliers & Postcards about Canines-N-Kids Foundation and why we are working to fund important research
  • Goodies for people and furry friends 
    • You can display on tiered plates or platters, put clear baggies w/stickers into baskets) or on festive platters
    • It's always a nice thing to have a small sign for each item, what it is, list ingredients if possible
    • Napkins in red, yellow or white
    • f you serve cocoa, or other beverages, remember to supply cups
    • Have a doggie water bowl in case you have any canine visitors
  • A place to put donations (a box with a slit in the top works great)
  • Posters, signs you may have made.  If you wish, an extra poster board for recognizing donors (for Donor Recognition certificates) and some tape
  • If local businesses helped, small sign or table tent thanking them for their donation

5) Ready, Set, Have Fun at your BARKE SALE!

  • You're doing good, so don't be shy! Explain to supporters that you are “helping kids and man’s best friend beat cancer they both develop” and that proceeds are helping the Canines-N-Kids foundation “fund important cancer research that can help bring new medicines and a cure for BOTH”. 
  • Let your passion about why you are doing this shine through!
  • Take lots of pictures and video at your event.  Tell us why you are doing your BARKE SALE, and send us videos and pictures when you are done.  Share on Facebook  (even go live), and Instagram, and be sure to tag @caninesnkids

If at anytime you have questions during your preparations, please email us at or call 703-835-4346.  We are happy to help1

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