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Add details if you like about who is involved

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BARKE SALE in a Box 

Your BARKE SALE in a Box is fun and fully stocked, containing a poster, stickers, cookie cutter, recipes, plus a Step By Step Guide to BARKE SALE Success, flyers and postcards and more!  This turn-key box costs $20 to cover shipping and supplies.

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The Canines-N-Kids Pledge

I understand that I m working to help raise funds for the important mission to put an end to cancers kids and man's best friend share, and that the money that I raise is to help Canines-N-Kids Foundation to fund important and potentially life-saving cancer research.

I agree that I:  

  • I will be truthful with and respect BARKE SALE™ customers and donors
  • I will do my best to represent myself to the best of my abilities in everything that I do in the planning and carrying out of this special fundraising event for the Canines-N-Kids Foundation
  • I will send all monies raised from my BARKE SALE fundraising effort to the Canines-N-Kids Foundation no later than 14 days (two weeks) after my event ends;
  • I have read and agree to the Canines-N-Kids Foundation Terms of Use; and
  • I am over the age of 14 years or I am providing the contact information of a parent or legal guardian.
I agree to the CnK Pledge

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